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The owners of have 30+ years of experience analyzing and valuing Chicago investment property; with over $500MM in real estate transactions.

No need to pay for expensive appraisals or bother your tenants with property tours. Simply provide us with the detailed information below and we will respond within 3 business days with the value of your investment property.


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Apartments value - Apartment 6

All property used for single-family or multi family housing weather in urban, suburban or rural area

Apartments Value - Apartment 5

Business property, including office space, shopping centers, stores, theaters, hotels, and parking faculties

Apartments Value - Apartment 4
Mixed use

Property that allows for two uses ,commercials and residential ,in the same building

Apartments Value - Apartment 1

Warehouse,factories,land industrial districts and power plants

Apartments Value - Field

Farms ,timberland,ranches,and orchards

Apartments Value - Hospital Do Servidor Publico Municipal
Special purpose

Municipal (relating to a city or town or its government body) service building and parks

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Apartments Value - Ayman Khalil
Ayman Khalil

Quickly responded to my request to value multiple apartment buildings. I received a portfolio offer and wanted a quick and easy way to confirm the value. The owners have over 30 years of experience valuing apartment buildings…

Apartments Value - David Bishaf
David Bishaf

I submitted an offer on an off market 75 unit multifamily apartment building. While I was confident in my valuation I thought it would be a good idea to get a fresh set of eyes on the deal. This extra due diligence allowed me to sleep easy at night.

Apartments Value - Danny Oakes
Danny Oakes

I co-owned a 9 unit apartment building when one of the partners approached me to buy out the partnership. I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks or pay $1,000 for an appraisal so I used to get fair market value for the building…

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